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What are the hours for each course date?

The hours are 9am to 5pm.

I live in Ottawa, and would like to take the courses. Am I able to participate?

Yes, we have had students from all over Ontario, from Ottawa, Windsor, North Bay, Sudbury, and even Toronto join our courses. We also have had students come from across Canada to Brampton for our program. We provide students with hotel information if they require it. If you are interested in taking a few select courses for the purpose of upgrading your current acupuncture skills, please contact us at

Do I have to take the whole program or can I take a select few courses?

You have the choice to take the entire program which involves home study and which will give you a Diploma of Acupuncture for your scope of practice upon successful completion, including exam or You can take any course individually as long as you have first taken the Introduction course with our organization or another educational institution. As long as you have taken the Introduction course, courses can be taken in any order on an available basis (but for case study courses, you would have to take the appropriate courses before hand).

What do I receive after completing the program and successfully writing the exam?

After completing the program and pass the exam, you receive a Diploma of Acupuncture which allows you to practice acupuncture under your scope of practice. Each profession has its own requirements and hours that they must cover.

Do I become a Certified Acupuncturist that can bill for acupuncture once I complete your program?

No, once you complete the program and pass the exam, you can practice acupuncture under your scope of practice. As of now acupuncture is not regulated in the province of Ontario but it will be in the next year or so. Once acupuncture has been regulated, anyone who wants the ‘Acupuncturist” title will have to meet the educational requirements of the new College.

Can I take public transit to the course location from Toronto?

The Go Transit Bus does come to Brampton, to either Bramalea City Centre or Shoppers World. From there you can take Brampton Transit to our location on Queen Street West, Brampton.

Can I pay as I go (per class) as I cannot afford to pay for the entire course upfront?

Yes, you can either pay for the entire course up front or provide your credit card information to be accessed before each course. We process payment for each course approximately one month prior to each course date. Alternatively, you can send in post-dated cheques or mail each cheque so that it arrives one month before the course.

What exactly are all the implications for Health Professionals using acupuncture when Acupuncture finally becomes fully regulated in the province of Ontario?

With the upcoming formation of the College of Acupuncture, there are too many unknowns with respect to requirements for certification and education (hours etc). It is not quite clear if and how each practitioner will be “grandfathered” into the college. Even current acupuncturists who have completed a three year program and who have extensive experience, will have to demonstrate proof of their credentials and experience once the college is formed. We are planning to provide a new program once the college is formed but currently there are too many unknowns (including how long it will take for the college to be formed) for us to provide such a comprehensive program.

If you offer additional coures in the future for those who want to become a full fledged Acupuncturist, can this program count towards that Diploma?

Yes, there will be some carryover of credits (CEU’s) to any new program that we will be having in the future once the college is formed. This may give you a great chance to build you skills in practicing acupuncture under your scope of practice with the opportunity to incorporate more TCM perspectives in the future.

Can I bill WSIB for Acupuncture treatments once I complete your program?

Following the completion of this program you will be certified to bill for WSIB acupuncture if you work with that population.
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