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Unique Mentorship Program Offered

Mentorship is the process of harnessing experience and knowledge and sharing it with others. In our program, the students can learn from each other and they can apply the learning. Mentorship is a nurturing process, which provides the opportunity for more experienced individuals, to share their professional knowledge and expertise with others who are less experienced.

we help individuals reach their potential by guiding and encouraging them to excel and grow. We inspire, counsel and encourage our mentees in developing their vision for the future and skills needed to advance on a career path. Our mentees gain insight and access to new skills and knowledge through our example and support.

How We Mentor

We ensure continued learning through monthly newsletters discussing case studies and research articles, along with encouragement to email us or call us anytime you have a question regarding acupuncture or a case.  Current and past students have really taken advantage of this and have benefited greatly.

We will provide you with prompt and thorough answers to your questions.  We want to ensure that you get the most out of your acupuncture education and that you learn with great confidence.

We also have a special online membership educational section that is included in the cost of the full program. This feature provides you with a wealth of additional information that you can use to enhance your learning.

Lastly and of equal importance, we have an excellent instructor/student ratio to ensure that all students learn the practical aspect of acupuncture with the utmost confidence.

Our Mentorship Vision

To support acupuncture students by providing many opportunites to learn, network, grow and share through mentoring relationships with all members of our organization.

Benefits of Being a Mentee

  • Gain valuable insight about acupuncture and other TCM techniques to increase effectiveness of your treatments
  • Advance your career, skills and practice success
  • Discover new opportunities and expand your networks
  • Set and achieve new career goals
  • Receive ongoing and unconditional support
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