Welcome to the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ITCM), Canada's oldest Acupuncture school.
We provide Acupuncture Education for the following Health Care Professionals throughout Ontario:
  •  Massage Therapists
  •  Naturopaths
  •  Chiropractors
  •  Physiotherapists
  •  Nurses
  •  Dentists
  •  Physicians
  •  Occupational Therapists
  •  Chiropodists
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Amazing opportunity to advance your skills and increase your patient recovery. CLICK HERE for program details.
Our Educational Program offers you:

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  • One-day weekend courses that fit your busy schedule
  • Effective learning in a comfortable, highly supervised class setting
  • Courses taught by a certified TCM practitioner and experienced facilitators
  • Affordable courses that provide a return on your investment by expanding your services and attracting new patients
  • The opportunity to learn and practice with confidence - we support you when courses are over with our unique Mentorship program



It is with great pleasure to announce that our Founder and Dean at the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. David Man Yiu Lam, has been dedicated by the Association of Chinese Medical Doctors in China as one of 500 Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture doctors in the world for his outstanding and successful achievement in the profession of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. 

Our Acupuncture Training provides and in-depth experience in effective treatment for your patients. Transform your career and make an enormous impact on their lives. Find out more about our Acupuncture Program by browsing our website and calling us at 905-450-7870 (toll free at 1-866-410-8367) or emailing us at

  We look forward to meeting you, Dr. David Lam,

Dean of ITCM








Introduction to Acupuncture Educational Introduction 


Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalist, Daniel Kowalski, Talks Acupuncture Benefits

  I was hesitant about taking an acupuncture course and being able to apply it to my massage therapy practice.  But after the initial workshop and the practical skills learned in that one day, I was confidently applying it to my treatments the very next day.  Now with 5 workshops under my belt, I have patients who think I've been practising acupuncture for several years.  You won't get more for your money anywhere else.

-Michelle Wakelin, RMT

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